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Swaziland (Eswatini) Missions Trip

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We would like to take a moment to share an exciting story with you. Swaziland is a small country in Southern Africa. The nation has recently changed their name to the more traditional, "Eswatini." It is a beautiful country with great diversity and a young population. They currently have the 12th lowest life expectancy of all nations in the world. One of the significant factors in this low life expectancy is HIV/AIDS. Eswatini has the highest HIV rate in the world. According to the UNAIDS 2018 data, 27.4% of the adult population is HIV positive (ages 15-49) and UNICEF records that the nation is home to over 100,000 orphans.

Luis and Maggie Chomba live outside of Mbabane, the city capital. Luis pastors a small church and was overcome by the burden of so many young children who were losing their parents to HIV/AIDS. The Chombas started taking some of these young children into their home and before long, their home had become the local "Hope House" orphanage. They house up to 40 orphaned children full time and provide meals for up to 300 other orphans and vulnerable children in their community!

In July, one of SDBC's community groups will be going to serve the Chombas and the Hope House orphans. Craig and Heather Kraft will be returning to Africa with Andrew Kraft, Caleb van Til, and Melissa Robertson to work with Luis and Maggie. "Our group wanted to finish the year with a project or mission trip that gave us an opportunity to 'love like Jesus' outside of our comfort zone."

This trip will give the team a first-hand experience of what it is like to care for others in a challenging environment. Our team has been invited to Eswatini to meet the Chombas, learn about the great challenges in their community, and to provide a little bit of help and respite for the people who serve these orphans every day.

This Sunday, the Eswatini team will be hosting a hamburger lunch in the Chapel following the service. They will be available to share about where they are going, what they hope to accomplish, and how you can partner with them. The lunch will be by donation. Donations may be made through Outreach Canada by clicking the button below. 

Posted by Craig Kraft

Pastoral Search Team Update #15

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We have a candidate! After reviewing all the applicants, we have selected one man whom we are pursuing as a candidate. The elders held a time of prayer and fasting, and came to a unanimous decision to pursue this man to be our next pastor. We are currently interviewing a list of references for this individual which will prepare us for another interview.

Thank you for your prayers, as our process is moving along smoothly. We will have the interviews and reference checks completed by the beginning of September and, Lord willing, we will be able to introduce the candidate to the congregation in September. Once the candidate has been introduced, we will schedule a week for the candidate to be with us. This week will allow him to meet with us, share his vision for our church and community, and have lots of interaction with our congregation. This visit will be followed by a congregational vote.

Things are moving along well. Please continue to pray for the elders, pastoral search team, and the candidate as we move steadily forward.
*Please do not ask us who the candidate is, as we are not able to share that information yet. We will introduce the candidate as soon as we are able to.

Posted by Craig Kraft

Pastoral Search Team Update #13

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Thank you for your prayers. Our process is moving along smoothly. This week, our pastoral search team met with the elder’s board to submit our short list of three applicants to consider for the position of SDBC's lead pastor. They are qualified and gifted men of God, with proven records of servant leadership, shepherd’s hearts, and integrity. 

The elder's board is now scheduling interviews with each of the three applicants with the hope of identifying a pastoral candidate in August. There are still several steps before we present a candidate to the congregation for a vote. Some of those steps include: interviews, background checks, a visit by the candidate to Delta, a visit by our team to the candidate’s church, lots of prayer, and then an official visit of the candidate and his family to be introduced to SDBC, to preach, and to connect with as many people as possible before a motion is presented to call the next lead pastor.

Please continue to bathe this process in prayer. God is with us and we have experienced His leadership in our meetings and as we seek the man of His choosing for SDBC. Would you also be in prayer for the three men who are patiently journeying with us and seeking the Lord’s direction for their lives? We know that God has great plans for each one of them and we pray that their interactions with SDBC will be a blessing and an encouragement, regardless of our final decisions. 

Posted by Craig Kraft