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The Golden Key

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The Agape Principle is a golden key that unlocks harmonious relationships, produces genuine unity, and results in eternal joy. In the midst of the chaos, confusion, hatred, pain, and tears that mark our present age, the Agape Principle is sometimes manifested in isolated acts of care and kindness performed by people of compassion and bravery.
There is no act of love (agape) in the past, present, or future that compares with the love (agape) of God revealed in and through our Lord, Jesus Christ. 1 John 4:10 says it all: “In this is agape (love), not that we have loved God but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.”

Agape is a love which chooses its object with decision of will so that it becomes self-denying or compassionate devotion to and for the same. It possesses three dominant characteristics:

  • it is volitional (it is an act of the will)
  • it is sacrificial (it often comes with significant personal sacrifice)
  • it is compassionate (even though it is an act of the will, it feels deeply and tenderly cares)

Our Lord, Jesus Christ said, “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.”  (John 15:12)
Pastor Rick reminds us that we must all “love like Jesus.”

Posted by Doug Harris

How do you fit in the community of God's people?

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Recently, we have been going through 1 Corinthians in our sermon series, and as we came to chapter twelve, we decided to pause and teach a mini series on spiritual gifts. This is an important topic to understand as we learn to do God’s will as a church body. The fact that we are given spiritual gifts attests to the fact that God created us for a reason. We were not randomly placed on this earth. We have purpose in our lives. God created us to give Him glory and to honour Him in all that we do, and He gave us spiritual gifts in order to achieve this purpose. Moreover, spiritual gifts remind us that we need each other as the body of Christ. As individuals, we are uniquely gifted by the Holy Spirit, and we all need one another in order to form a healthy body. Furthermore, because we are a body of Christ—with Jesus as our head—we recognize that we need Jesus at the centre of our lives in order to function properly as a healthy body.

When we come together as a church body, we must remember that God has equipped us to do His work. He gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit so that we may see His power and activity manifested in our work. So, we have no grounds for boasting; we have no reason to be jealous of others’ gifts. Instead, we must focus on working well as a body of Christ followers to bring God glory by using our unique gifts that we received from the Holy Spirit. When we do this well, we get to see the Holy Spirit move powerfully in our midst and see a community transformed by the truth and love of Christ. We get to witness the powerful work of God in our own lives. This is the privilege of serving as a healthy body of Christ—all using our unique gifts to build up His church in love.

We encourage you to take the spiritual gifts survey and see how you can fit in our local church community. How can you play your part in building up the church body to glorify God?

Posted by Paul Park

Pastoral Search Team Update

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It has been six months since we held the farewell service for Pastor Paul and Wendi Johnson. The last gift that Paul and Wendi gave us, as they headed to their new ministry assignment in Minnesota, was a healthy departure. We have been blessed to experience a seamless transition as the rest of our pastoral staff have stepped up to provide excellent leadership, administration, and preaching. 
Our elders’ board approached me to lead our pastoral search team and I have humbly accepted this responsibility. This past week we held our first meeting as a search team. We are still forming the team and hope to announce the full team at the town hall meeting in November. At this time, the team consists of Peter Grierson and Gerald Neufeld from the board, joined by Dave Sowerby, Marian Hislop, Linda Whitelaw, and myself. We are excited to serve the church in this important step of our journey.
We are still in the preparation stage of our search process. Right now, we are focusing on developing a concentrated prayer plan for the church, selecting and training our search team, and working with the elders board to identify our values, purpose, and vision so we can find a suitable pastor to lead us in the right direction.
We are committed to communicating well with our congregation so we will be providing regular prayer requests and updates as we journey together through this transition. Please pray for us as we finalize our team and prepare a comprehensive prayer strategy for SDBC and our pastoral search process.
If you have any questions or comments for our team, please feel free to contact me directly at .
Posted by Craig Kraft