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Pastoral Search Team Update #3

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Happy New Year.

Our pastoral search team met on January second to continue our work on the pastoral search package. After a short break for the holidays, we were all back at it with a number of responsibilities delegated to each team member. Our goal is to have a lead pastor position description and profile ready for distribution at the end of the month. When the package is completed, we will start to advertise for applications.

Please continue to pray for our team as we work with the board to complete this important part of the search process. We will be providing prayer updates in the weeks to come, but will you pray for our team this week? We have a lot of work ahead of us this month and we want to be diligent and thorough in our preparation. We do not know yet who our next pastor will be, but God does. We are working toward alignment with His plans and future for SDBC.

“God knows that we, with our limited vision, don’t even know for which we should pray. When we entrust our requests to Him, we trust Him to honour our prayers with holy judgment.”  Max Lucado; Walking with the Saviour.

Posted by Craig Kraft

Pastoral Search Team Update #2

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We have exciting news to share with the congregation today. No, we do not have a pastoral candidate to present yet, but we are making progress. Our elder’s board has formed a pastoral search team (PST) which is tasked with finding the man God has chosen to be our next lead pastor. Our team consists of two board members (Peter Grierson and Gerald Neufeld) joined by four ladies and four men from the congregation (Marian Hislop, Linda Whitelaw, Jeannette VanTil, Vickie Fenn, Dave Sowerby, Andrew Gordon, Jon Sinclair, and Craig Kraft.)

Our team met this week and divided up the various tasks of assembling a pastoral search package. This package will include our history, our core values, vision, and priorities, as well as church and community profiles and a pastoral job description. When complete, this package will be available through our website, and it will be the primary introduction of our church and community to potential candidates. We hope to have this package completed by the end of January so that we can begin advertising the position.

We need your help! While the PST will be taking the lead on the formal part of the search process, we all need to be part of the prayer process. Would you please join us in praying for our search process? We want to be led by the Holy Spirit and we invite you to pray for our team. We also invite you to pray for our congregation, that the Holy Spirit would give us eyes to see the direction that God is leading us as a church, and the person He is preparing to be our lead pastor. In the weeks to come, we will be providing more information and specific ways that you can be praying with us.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please direct them to the PST Chairman, Craig Kraft ( ).

Posted by Craig Kraft

God is Faithful

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It has been almost a year since we started to oversee the ministry at Tsawwassen Community Church, together with Owen and Lusine White and Garry and Brenda Horwood. It has been our goal to continue the Sunday evening service which includes a time of worship, a message, and fellowship over a shared meal so as to provide a time to gain trust, make connections, and build friendships. We also have the opportunity to connect with those who come to the Wednesday food bank and invite them to come to the Sunday service. We recently had two men who joined us for our Thanksgiving service! They were both genuinely blessed and thankful for a place to go to on a holiday which they might have otherwise spent alone.
God has also been faithful in leading others to have a heart for this ministry. One dear sister has played an integral role in helping us connect with those who live in Tsawwassen First Nation where she and her husband have lived for over thirty years. Interestingly, she used to attend the same church that we now refer to as TCC on Easters with her husband and his family. After years of being distant from God, through the prayers of her husband and encouragement from her parents, Shirley renewed her relationship with God and began attending TCC about three years ago. We first met her when she renewed her membership of SDBC six months ago. She is amazed at God’s timing and now has a passion to see other family and TFN members find fellowship at the church that some used to attend and to see the lives of those living with addictions or in poverty to be restored. Her prayers are already being answered as her niece and nephew have both recently come to faith and have felt welcomed and accepted in our small supportive community. The TCC team is so thankful for the work God is doing and are excited to see more God stories in the days ahead.

Posted by Terry Weatherly