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Pastoral Search Team Update #5

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We would like to begin by thanking everyone at SDBC for your prayers and encouragement. We were very encouraged by the comments, conversations, and commitments to pray at our special focus time on Sunday, January 22nd. We are planning to hold special prayer times following the morning service at least once a month. If you plan to pray with us next time, please join us quickly in the fellowship hall as we are committed to starting quickly and keeping it brief.

The pastoral search team had another productive meeting this week. We have completed the first draft of our lead pastor package. This document is currently 25 pages long, and it provides an excellent introduction to our church and community. The package starts with an introduction to the people of South Delta. Did you know that 42% of people living here identify themselves as having no religious affiliation? We also introduce some information on the cost of living here and provide a history of our church in the community. The document concludes with specific information about our church’s mission, vision, and statement of faith. 

This introduction package, combined with a position description, will soon be posted on our website and will be sent out to prospective candidates. The SDBC elders board will be meeting next week to review the package and final position description; then we should be ready for final touches and posting.

Thank you for praying with us. If you have not picked up a search team prayer bookmark, we encourage you to pick one up at the Connect Desk on Sunday.

Please remember to Prepare for change, Pray for our search team, and Plan to be part of the process.

Posted by Craig Kraft

Lingering With The Living God

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At first glance, Genesis 18 seems like a simple narrative of a meeting between God and his servant, Abraham. However, this passage holds much more importance, and is incredibly relevant, to 21st century Christians.

Genesis 18 tells the story of how three men appear near Abraham’s home; one of these men being God himself: “the Lord appeared to him by the oaks of Mamre.” God is on his way to Sodom to judge the evil taking place in the city at the time. When Abraham sees these men, he runs to them and falls flat on his face in adoration, for he knows that he is in the presence of the living God. Abraham then offers the three men food and drink before they continue on their travels. They eat, drink, and rest together. When the meal is over, Abraham does not simply let the Lord move on to his work in Sodom. Rather, he gets up, “draws near”, and walks with him for part of the way. He had questions for God, things that were burdening him and burning in his heart. Abraham desired to walk with the Lord and he desired for more of Him. Eventually, Abraham’s conversation with God finishes in verse 33 of the text. God leaves, and Abraham returns home, like the encounter was the most normal and natural thing in the world.

The story of Genesis 18 is an unassumingly beautiful one. And when I read through the scripture, three important details jump out for me.

  1. God chose to visit Abraham that day. He knew the desires of his servant, Abraham, he loved him, and he chose to take the time to visit him even though he was on his way to do important work.

  2. Abraham wanted to be with God. When Abraham realized that the Lord was at his home, the first thing he wanted to do was serve him. Even when he had finished serving him, he still wanted to be with God. Abraham desired to linger in the Lord’s presence.

  3. God was in no rush. He was not there to judge, rebuke, or even to instruct Abraham. God wanted to be with Abraham, and to allow Abraham to linger in his presence.

I had never thought of this passage as anything more that an Old Testament story about God and one of his children. Nothing particular ever jumped out at me. However, this passage was recently brought to my attention again and God began revealing truths to me.

When I lead worship, or even when I sit at home in private worship, I am constantly thinking about what I want to ask God, the problems in my life, my short comings, the people around me that are suffering, and I am constantly trying to know things about the Lord. But here, we read about the beauty of just lingering in his presence. Abraham had questions and stresses, but what he wanted most was to just be with God. And God was there for him.

As Christians, we have this incredible opportunity to linger with God, and as worshippers, we have this inherent, sometimes unrecognized, need to linger with him. When we enter into a time of worship, I hope we remember that we are not there to “get” things from God. We can come to him with any of the desires or questions on our hearts. But the beautiful fact of worshipping a living God is that we have this ability to linger with him, to “draw near to him”, to simply be with him in his presence. There is beauty in just being with our creator God.

Posted by Mary Grierson

Pastoral Search Team Update #4

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I have lived in Tsawwassen, on and off, for over 30 years now and, boy, has it changed. It is hard to imagine what it might be like in a few more years when my youngest child graduates from SDSS: the mall is no longer new; there is a new bridge connecting us to Richmond and Vancouver; and South Delta Baptist Church reflects the vision and character of our new lead pastor. 

The PST met again on Monday to work on the pastoral search profile. We have shared the mission, vision, and values of our church, summarized our history, and provided a profile of what makes the communities of Ladner and Tsawwassen the greatest place in BC. We will be putting the final touches on the report and position description over the next two weeks and then it should be ready to be shared and sent out to potential candidates. When they are complete, the profile and position description will be available on our website.

We invite you to pray with us. This Sunday, we will be leading a short time of prayer following the morning service. Please plan to stay for a few minutes to pray with us for the man God has chosen as our next lead pastor. We will also have PST members at the spotlight table to share information and answer your questions. 

Posted by Craig Kraft