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It all Begins with Prayer

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Seven years ago, SDBC made the decision to build an English language Christian school in India, in the little town of Nehtaur. The goal for this project was to provide an education for the impoverished Dalit children, an education which will benefit them as they seek to break free from the slavery they live with, being part of the low-caste Dalits.
Under the leadership of Greg and Marian Hislop and the DFN team, we have raised enough funds to construct a school with ten classrooms, with nearly 300 students who receive the education we were praying they would receive. There are teachers and students who, because of our sacrificial giving to this school, are finding new relationships with Jesus Christ, in addition to receiving education. These are the "seeds" we planted in what we pray will be fertile soil. We pray this will transform this city and the lives of the Dalits who live there.

The work is not yet completed. The school needs more classrooms as each year brings a new class of students, while the older, existing students move forward in normal progression to the education we pray they will receive. Each of us has a role to play in this work. All of us can pray. Many SDBC attendees are sponsoring a child in this school. More children need to be sponsored. More classrooms need to be built.
I urge you to keep the Nehtaur school in your prayers. Pray for the teachers who, in the face of hostile outside forces, continue to love and teach these children. Pray for the children, for their physical and spiritual protection. Pray for the raising up of the necessary funds to continue our work there. It all begins with prayer.

Posted by Rick Burdett

A New Chapter

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Kim Griffin has served with us as an administrative assistant/receptionist since January of 2015. As a representative of SDBC to many people in the community who walk into our office, Kim has served the community and represented us extremely well. Due to her desire to help her daughter with childcare in Vancouver full-time in September, Kim has decided to resign from her position at our church. She will continue to serve as a Stephen Minister, board chair of First Steps Preschool, and in our SDBC Kids program as the department head of the preschool class, but her role on staff will come to an end at the end of this month. When asked about what she will miss most about working at the church, she said she will miss the relationships with the staff and sharing life with the people in the office. She also appreciated getting to know church operations from a staff perspective. 

Kim believes that God orchestrated her working at the front desk of our church. Her training as a Stephen Minister served her well as she needed to listen well to many people who came through our doors. Here’s an example: 

A woman came in with a child – desperate for money and food; crying and embarrassed. After calming her down, listening, and giving the two of them water, I was able to take her to the Share Ministry food cupboard. Then I was able to connect her with the Share Ministry team. They were able to not only help her financially, but directed her towards the Financial Freedom course as well. She attended. She was comforted and felt valued. It was clear to me why God had me working at the church. I am convinced that God always knows best and has me serving in this new way for a reason as well.

Kim demonstrates loving like Jesus to our staff and to the church family. She loves God and she loves others. Thank you, Kim, for your faithful service to our church, and may God bless you in all you do as you begin a new chapter in August! 

With the departure of Kim, we will be hiring a full-time Office & Communications Coordinator. For more details of this job, please click HERE, and please pray that we would find the right person for this job.  

Posted by Paul Park

Pastoral Search Team Update #12

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We are getting closer!

I was just thinking about all that has gone into our pastoral search since we first started meeting back in November. Our team has invested hundreds and hundreds of hours into this process, and we are reaching a point where there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t misunderstand, we are still in the tunnel, but we are getting closer. Let me recap the last few months for you.

We started out in the PREPARATION stage. This first stage focused on the development of a prayer movement in the church, the selection and preparation of a pastoral search team, and the identification of SDBC’s values, purpose, and vision. 

We then moved to the DOCUMENTATION stage. In this second stage, we generated a pastoral search package. This document pulled together information about our church and our community as an introduction to who we are and why someone should consider pastoral ministry in South Delta. The package can be found online at www.southdelta.org/joinus/.

The third stage of our work is the EXPLORATION stage. We have received 97 applications so far, and from those, we have identified a short list of four applicants who are potential candidates. We are currently in the interviewing stage. Once our interviews and background research is complete, our team will provide the short list to the board of elders, and we will move toward identifying a single candidate from that list.

Once a candidate is identified, we will move into the ENGAGEMENT stage. We will have a more robust interview and interaction schedule with the candidate which will ultimately lead to their introduction to the congregation here at SDBC. If it is decided that the candidate is not the right fit, we will move on to the next person on the short list.

Please continue to pray for us as we have increased the length and frequency of our meetings and we are having personal conversations with applicants. This is when we need spiritual discernment, more than ever before. We have experienced the Lord’s presence and leading in the process as we have been working through the various applicants and we know that He is leading us to the man of His choosing. Please join us for five minutes of direct and specific prayer for our pastoral search process following our service on Sunday morning.

Posted by Craig Kraft

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