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Thanksgiving and Compassion

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About two weeks ago, one of our compassion ministries hosted a BBQ at Kin Village Senior Care Centre. These faithful servants are developing significant relationships with many of the residents at Kin Village. A large number of these residents are now members, or regular attendees, of our services at SDBC.
This team represents one of several SDBC ministry outlets at Kin Village. They host a weekly bible study, taught by Marilyn Carmack, each Monday afternoon at 2PM in one of the Kin Village dining rooms. It is followed by a coffee and tea time where others like Marilyn are able to get to know the residents in a more personal way. Another group of SDBC volunteers put on a similar coffee/tea time every other Saturday.
By being available, with hearts to help and serve, the gospel is being shared vocally by teaching and serving. These outreaches enable us to just be friends with the residents. We are able to get to know them and then help those who are in need of assistance, including medical help or counselling. It is a ministry of putting the love of Jesus into action.
There are individuals and families who regularly serve at Kin Village. Some go to the facilities monthly and put on a church service for the residents, while others just go and sing to those who cannot leave the facilities.
Kin Village is a God Story in our own city. Perhaps you have a desire to come alongside one of our several outreaches at Kin Village. If so, please contact our Kin Village coordinators, Chris and Dianne, at  and let them know of your interest. When we serve like this, being thankful takes on a significantly greater meaning in our lives.

Posted by Rick Burdett

Building Community

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We have been emphasizing the importance of authentic community over the last year. If we want to stay true to our vision to be a church that Loves Like Jesus, we must build a community that reflects the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. One way we facilitate such community at SDBC is through community groups. Many of us have been a part of a community group for a long time, but some of us have yet to try engaging in a weekly or bi-weekly group that gathers to study the word of God and also to build friendships that are reflective of God's covenant relationship with us. This Sunday, we will study Jonathan and David's friendship as a part of our sermon series--David and the King. As we study this beautiful friendship from the bible, let us also think about how we can build such friendships in our church community. If you haven't joined a community group yet, please consider joining a group to not only find these friends that would love you as Christ loved you but also to be that friend for someone else who needs such Christ-like friends in their lives. To join a community group, sign up online here.

Posted by Paul Park

Walking by Faith

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As many of you know, Lauren Wootton went to Uganda this summer on a two-month missions trip. While there, she worked with the Watoto organization to care for and rehabilitate babies.

Before she left on this trip Lauren was nervous; what would God be doing with her? How would she be stretched? Would God call her to something she was afraid of doing? All of these thoughts swirled around in her head as she left her home and stepped into the great unknown that God was calling her to.

If you were to ask Lauren what God taught her through this missions trip, one of the things she would say is, “to walk by faith and not by sight.” As she stepped foot on the plane, Lauren held her own expectations of what the trip would be like and felt she could "see" what was in store for her in the coming months. She anticipated a life-changing trip in which she would run on excitement and joy the whole time due to her incredible passion for children and babies. Lauren expected to fall in love with this new adventure. However, upon arriving in Uganda, Lauren’s expectations were shaken. Things were not what she expected, she did not feel like she was supposed to be there, she felt no connection, and even encountered serious feelings of homesickness. Her missions trip was not going how she thought it would. It was not the exciting and life-changing trip that she anticipated it being. And it wasn't life-changing until she fully gave herself over to God, asking Him to show her what to do, and how to go on living the next two months.

Once Lauren decided to walk by faith and not by sight, and stepped out into the great unknown ahead, everything turned around. A group of girls befriended her, showed her around the area she was living, and taught her what it means to be in community. Once settled after a few days, Lauren fell in love; she fell in love with the people of Uganda, the little babies that she was put in charge of, and she fell even more in love with her heavenly Father. It was on this trip that she learned that God is her greatest strength, her provider, her closest friend, and the light that leads her in every situation.

Hearing Lauren’s amazing story and the testimony of her trip convicts me to think, in my everyday life, am I remembering to walk by faith and not by sight? Perhaps this is something that all of us can ponder as we continue on with our lives this week.

You can view Lauren's interview video here.

Posted by Mary Grierson

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