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Serving the Youth During COVID-19

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For the last five months I have had the privilege of serving as a youth intern at SDBC alongside James Cox. My role as a youth intern was to assist James in planning and running youth nights. During the beginning of my internship, things were going as planned. James and I were able to complete the youth room renovations and plan a bunch of awesome youth events. We were able to witness God working within the youth group. We were seeing new youth come through the doors every youth night and it was very encouraging and exciting to see the youth group growing.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our plans had to change. We had to move from in-person youth nights to online youth nights. This was a unique experience, especially in the context of youth ministry as much of what we do relies on the ability to meet in person. During the pandemic we hosted weekly youth nights and bible studies where we were still able to connect and study the word of God together.

Although my internship here at the church was not exactly as I expected, I am still very thankful for the opportunity to be able to serve in this kind of way. Even though I will not be on staff in the fall, I am still planning to remain involved in youth ministry. I am also going to Simon Fraser University to complete my schooling to become a middle school teacher. I am very excited to see what God has in store for the SDBC youth group and I am also greatly looking forward to seeing everyone at the church, hopefully very soon!

Our Youth Ministry is taking a break from events until July. Visit our Youth Ministry page for more information.

Posted by Bowen Bakken

Being a Student During COVID-19

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Hello everyone! My name is Kaitlyn Shipowich and I am the SDBC Kids intern. I have attended South Delta Baptist since 2012 and have served on staff since 2016. What I have missed most through these past few months of the pandemic is the fellowship and community that are so present every Sunday, as well as during events hosted during the week. I miss walking into church on Sunday and being greeted by person after smiling person. I especially miss seeing all of the wonderful children that attend our Sunday programming.

As a student during the pandemic there were many challenges and different emotions that came along with the news that classes would be moving online. First was the fact that I would not be seeing many of my friends from school. The social environment at Trinity Western University (TWU) is incredibly unique and, as a student leader, I had gotten to know a wide range of students; each one had uniquely supported me in my education career, my personal life, and my own faith. Because the announcement was made on a Saturday, there were many goodbyes that were never said, at least in person. Then there was the challenge of transitioning to online learning. I know that many university students, as well as high school and elementary students, had a difficult time moving from the classroom environment to learning at home.

The whole semester, year, and, I can honestly say, my entire time at TWU, has a sense of being "unfinished." There were no graduation events, friends returned to their home countries within a matter of days and without formal goodbyes, and I know that I will not be returning to the school come September. I look at my experience, and that of students all over the country, and it is easy for me to focus on all of the things that we have missed out on as a result of the pandemic. However, I know that God is working through this. Friendships have become more intentional, as we are not able to see all of our friends from school on a regular basis, we have been forced to make time for one another, and be intentional in our communications. Online school requires much more discipline and organization in order to finish assignments in a timely manner. For us graduating students, be it from high school or university, the next phase of our lives may be uncertain right now, but my encouragement for everyone would be to look up towards the Lord and give to him all of your worries for the future. No one knows what next year, next month, or even next week will look like, but God in is complete control even when we are not. We can take comfort in what is said in James 1:2-4: "Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing." If we rely on Jesus in this time of struggle, he will show us the joy that comes with holding true in our faith.

In this time, please pray for all the students who are finishing their school year. It has been a challenging few months, and becomes even more so when you can see the end. Please pray for those of us who have recently graduated, that God will show us what his plans are for our lives, and even though things may be frustrating and uncertain, please pray that we can turn our eyes towards God to show us what the next step is.

Please pray with us for Kaitlyn and all students, as they complete this school year and face the uncertainty of what the future may bring.

What It Means to Father

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My kids rarely ever call me by my given name. When they do, they are either trying to get my attention or are just being snarky. From day one, they have always used a different name: Dad. I cherish this name far more than my given name. It's not the name alone that I treasure, but the deep and profound meaning behind it. The fact that three individuals on this earth refer to me as "dad" is humbling. I am so thankful to God that I have the privilege of loving and leading this crew of kids and teenagers as a father. It is one of the greatest joys and tremendous responsibilities I have been given. I'll be the first to admit, I don't have a perfect track record when it comes to being dad. I've been known to blow it--regularly. But truthfully, since the day Juli and I found out we were having our first child, my hope and prayer has been that God would allow me all the grace, wisdom, love, and strength needed to fulfil this role as a father. I know that being a great dad is one of the best ways I can bring glory to God.

There is a fourth little one in our family that has just begun to call me dad. This has been a strange and new experience for me. When I hear it, I am reminded yet again of the wonder and weight of this role. You might laugh, but "DubDub" (based on my life-long nickname "Dub") is the name we taught him to call me. For the last two and a half years that's the name I've heard. But since he arrived in our home, he has heard the other kids call me by a different name. I am sure in his beautiful little brain, he has wondered why, why the difference. Names and titles have huge meanings as these foster children grow, learn, and feel attachment. So this shift, though natural, has been super eye opening for me. To hear him, who has never known a biological father, say the name dad, has reintroduced me to the beautiful gift of what it means to father. It's kind of overwhelming really. I have the opportunity, by God's grace, to offer a child the type of relationship that could impact how they see themselves in this world. It's that profound.

So, onward we go fathers. God help us!! The cause is great. The calling is huge. Be overwhelmed, along with me, as we seek to best live up to this name: DAD.

Posted by Jayson Oldham

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