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Salt Spring Island Debrief

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From June 30th to July 7th, our youth group participated in our 21st annual trip to Salt Spring Island. We go over every year to help out residents with odd jobs and yard work around their homes. It is always an encouraging time as we see students and leaders work self-sacrificially and see God do some incredible work amongst the group.

One of my passions in youth ministry is to see youth diving into God's word for themselves. Throughout the week, I challenged our youth to be in the bible daily. You never know how many people will take on a challenge like this, but over the week I saw so many youth and leaders taking time away from the group to sit and read the bible. During our evening teaching sessions, I saw youth with open bibles engaging with God's word and discussing it with each other. I can't express how joyful it made me to see students in grades 8 to 12 have a hunger and desire to read God's word during this week.

One of the challenges of any camp or trip like this is that students get fired up to read God's word and cultivate their relationship with God, and then they go home and go back to old habits. The week becomes a thing of the past and a spiritual high. On the final night of our trip, we had our final worship and sharing session. As a parting challenge for the group, I encouraged them to take what they had learned and experienced throughout the week and use it to continue to pursue God as they went home. It's been about two weeks since we arrived back from Salt Spring and I have already seen and heard of students taking this challenge to heart. One example is a group of girls from our youth group who have decided to start a bible study with each other and keep each other accountable to be in the bible daily, by using reading plans. Some of the youth leaders and I met at Starbucks this past Monday for a weekly summer bible study we are doing with the youth and these girls were sharing, with great excitement, the different devotionals they had already read through.

God is at work in the lives of the youth in South Delta. Pray for our youth, that this passion for God's word will continue and spur them on to make Christ known in their schools, workplaces, and sports teams.

Posted by Kyle McDonald

Summer Fun

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I am so thankful that I grew up in Tsawwassen. I had a neighbourhood full of kids my age, the freedom to ride my bike to school with my sisters, and awesome events taking place around the community. I fondly remember the community events put on by SDBC; the summer events never failed to draw in families from around the community to come and join in on the fun at the church. My memories from these events, and the people I met there, are among some of the many reasons I started attending SDBC. As I am now helping to plan our summer events, one of my main goals is to draw in families from our church and the entire community and provide them with similar memories that I had growing up.

Our Carnival, which is the first event in our Summer Fun series, is fast approaching and our team is working hard to get things ready. We will have a series of carnival games, a giant inflatable slide, a bouncy castle, a dunk tank, and yummy food and snack options for people of all ages to enjoy. One of our goals with this event is to provide a fun, free event for the families in our community; to draw in families with the hope that they can meet some of our church families and form connections to get involved in our church. For this reason, I am encouraging everyone who reads this to invite someone to our carnival, and for you to join them. The more the merrier! There are many people in our community who have not heard the good news of Christ and as it says in Romans 10:14, “How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?” This event is the perfect opportunity to live out the church's mission to Love like Jesus and show our community how much we love them.

So, come one, come all, and join us for our carnival on Saturday, July 21st at 11AM! For information on all our summer events, visit www.southdelta.org/summer

New Sermon Series

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We are quickly heading into full on summer mode in our community as we go through the last week of the school year this week, and we will see many people taking time off to go on vacations, hang out with friends and family, and to be out in the beautiful outdoors for which beautiful British Columbia is known. In fact, by the time you're getting this newsletter, some of you will be celebrating the last day of school; congratulations! 

Over the summer, if you're planning to be away from time to time, please know that our sermons are uploaded to our website weekly so that you could keep up with our sermon series in the David and the King series. We will be in this series until the end of summer, and on September 9th, we will be launching a new sermon series as a part of our Fall Launch Sunday. The new series will kick off with a mini-series called, Changing Landscape, where we will take a look at statistics, sociological patterns, church mission studies, and much more to understand where the church is positioned in North American culture today. As the title suggests, we are living in a changing landscape that James Emery White calls a "hinge moment," in history. We're living in a pivotal moment in history, so it is critical for us to understand the times in which we live and to learn to be effective in our mission for God in this changing landscape. We will follow up this mini-series with a sermon series in the book of Acts called Church on Mission. We will study how we can be a church on mission in today's post-Christian culture by studying how the church was on mission in a pre-Christian culture in the book of Acts. I believe this will be a spiritually enriching series for our SDBC family, and I look forward to sharing God's word with you through this new series in September! Please pray for our preaching team as we prepare for this series.

Posted by Paul Park

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