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Men's Ministry in Action

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Last month the Men's Ministry Team hosted more than 140 men from our community at our annual men's breakfast. This year our featured speaker was BC Lions quarterback, Travis Lulay. As Travis shared his personal testimony of relying on God throughout various trials and difficulties, many in attendance were encouraged to renew their trust and faith in Jesus Christ and use our struggles for God's ultimate glory and purposes. Events like these are so incredibly valuable for two reasons: first, they are geared for non-believers and allow us, as Christians, an opportunity to exemplify the Love Like Jesus motto of our SDBC community, and second, the existing believers who attend are also challenged by a message that inspires them to dig deeper in their personal faith walk. We have many more future events like the men's breakfast where you can be challenged in your faith and engage your non-believing friends. We are thankful for all that God is doing through the Men's Ministry at South Delta. 

Our next event is scheduled for Saturday, June 16th, and is a trip to Seattle to take a tour of the Bremerton Naval Base and the USS Turner Joy, and to watch the Seattle Mariners play the Boston Red Sox. Total cost for this event is $120. For more information, and to purchase your ticket, please visit our website at www.southdelta.org/men. Tickets must be purchased by Tuesday, May 29th.

Posted by Josh Dyck

Mother's Day

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Stop, look, and listen. These words will forever be etched into my memory. Every morning, as I would leave to walk to school, my Mom would say those three simple words. As a young child growing up, you don’t really stop to reflect on why your parents keep repeating things to you. Stop, look, and listen. While this might come across as simple, it is actually quite deep and life transforming. Those three simple words reflect a mother who deeply cares for the safety of her child. Who would think every single day about their child walking to school, crossing the road, and going about their daily activities? A mother who knew that by saying those three simple words each and every day, their child would one day recognize just how much they were loved and cared for. As we approach Mother's Day, please pray for your Mom or for someone significant that has had a similar impact on your life. Honour your Mother or that significant person this weekend, and express gratitude for the love and care you received as a child.

Posted by Jordan Scott

AGM 2018 Update

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Last Tuesday, our church membership gathered for our Annual General Meeting, and celebrated with thanksgiving what God has done in the past year and looked forward to His continued work with great excitement. God has done so many amazing things through our church, and you can view a video that captures a small glimpse of how God worked through us by clicking on this link. At the AGM, we honoured Chris Campbell for the completion of his three-year service on the board of elders, and especially for his leadership during the lead pastor search process. Furthermore, we elected a new elder—Dale Leschert who has joined our board of elders for a three-year term. The lead pastor report given by Pastor Paul inspired us to continue to love like Jesus by sharing life and sharing mission as a community of Christ followers. He also challenged us to look compassionately on the many people in South Delta that do not yet know Christ, the thousands of people that will be moving into our community in the next five years, and the next generation—our children and grandchildren. Jesus was right; the harvest indeed is plentiful but the labourers are few. It is time for us to earnestly pray to the Lord of the harvest to send us out as His labourers for the gospel mission. It is time for us to sacrificially lay ourselves down so that others may come to know Jesus as King and Saviour. We can give sacrificially of our finances and our time. We can lay down our preferences so that we may win others (1 Cor. 9:22-23). Let's pray for this mission. Let's be on this mission together for the glory of our great God. All praise be to Him!

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