On October 7th, we wrapped up our mini-series, Changing Landscape, where we explored the changing mission field and how we could be effective missionaries sent to this post-Christendom culture. The Rise of the Nones and the coming force of Generation Z have been interesting for us to learn about, but the real mission field is so much more complex than what statistics or analytics can teach us. This is why we're going to continue to learn how we can be missionally effective through a new sermon series in the book of Acts called, Church on Mission. The previous mini-series was like a prologue to this new series in which we will continue to learn how we can be a missional church in our changing landscape. There are so many similarities between our post-Christendom world and the pre-Christendom world of the first century church in the book of Acts. Because of such parallels, we are excited to study the book of Acts together as a church family for the next few months. 

As we engage in this changing landscape, we will continue to need God's wisdom, encouragement, and power in order to be effective. That's why we gave out a "mission package" on October 14th with tools that will remind us of our mission and encourage us as we participate in God's mission in the everyday stuff of life. The package included stickers, fridge magnets, and a brochure to remind us how we can participate in God's mission in a practical way, and a copy of Jeff Vanderstelt's book called, Gospel Fluency, which is a helpful resource for us to equip ourselves to be fluent in the gospel so that we can share it with people in real life situations.

We are looking forward to seeing our church family equipped as missionaries sent out by our great God into this world that desperately needs the good news of Jesus Christ. This is not a movement for our church to simply grow in number (even though that's what we expect to happen). We want to be faithful to what God is calling us to do—to be a missionary that represents God's kingdom; an ambassador for Christ wherever we go. Therefore, our measure of success is not "how many conversions did we see?" The measure is "How many missionaries from our church are actively engaging in the mission of God?" Until that number is 100% of our church family, we will continue to challenge ourselves in participating in God's epic pursuit of His people.




How to Be Missional Brochure

Gospel Fluency, by Jeff Vanderstelt

Everyday Church, by Tim Chester & Steve Timmis 

Meet Generation Z, by James Emery White

A Field Guide for Everyday Mission, by Ben Connelly & Bob Roberts Jr.

Changing Landscapes Sermon Series

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