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Episode 1: Pastor Paul hosts Pastor Jordan and Jayson, our Director of Worship Arts, in this first episode of SDBC Podcast to talk about how they're doing and how our church could pray for them. They also share what it's been like to adjust to online services and working from home, and they also offer a word of encouragement for the church family. 

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Episode 2: In this episode, our host, Pastor Paul, discusses racism and how Christians can respond with biblical wisdom with guests: Jayson Oldham, Jordan Scott, and Mary Grierson.

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07.30.2020: Paul's Letter to SDBC

07.30.2020: Missionary Update: Debbie and Patrick O'Connor

07.23.2020: Missionary Update: Norman and Donna Nielson

07.16.2020: Youth: Together But Apart

07.09.2020: Register for Sunday Morning Watch Party

06.26.2020: Serving the Youth During COVID-19

06.25.2020: Being a Student During COVID-19

06.11.2020: SDBC Young Family Highlight

06.05.2020: Hangout with Pastor Paul

06.04.2020: Re-engagement in On-site Ministries

06.04.2020: Cultivating Relationships While Gardening

05.28.2020: SDBC Frontline Worker Highlight

05.21.2020: Tsawwassen Community Church Update

05.14.2020: Community and Connectedness

05.07.2020: SDBC Salt Spring Youth Trip Update

04.30.2020: SDBC Kids Online: Thankfulness

04.22.2020: Starfish Pack: Continuing to Serve

04.16.2020: New Sermon Series: Rejoice

04.09.2020: Easter at SDBC

04.08.2020: Lobby Time

04.02.2020: Trusting in the Lord With all of Our Heart

03.26.2020: Worshipping and Connecting in a Digital Format

03.24.2020: Zoom Meeting Setup

03.19.2020: Community Amidst Our Current Reality

03.19.2020: Persevering Together

03.13.2020: SDBC'S Response to COVID-19: Update



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Phone Tree Initiative

A phone tree is a system of making regular phone calls to each other to stay connected. We have organized this phone tree in order to reach out to those in our congregation and community who are unable to leave their house for various reasons, such as self-isolation. This initiative will allow us to stay in community with one another, enjoying fellowship, and spurring one another on in love as we trust in God's plan. 

Grocery and Supplies Initiative
The second initiative we will be starting is one that will allow us to deliver food and supplies to those who are unable to leave their homes. No matter what stage of social distancing we get to, we all need to purchase food and supplies. This initiative does not need to involve any direct contact or entering anyone's home. Rather, it can be as straightforward as receiving a grocery list, picking the groceries up, and delivering them to the recipient's front door. It is simply a way that we can be the hands and feet of Jesus by meeting tangible needs in this time. 



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