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The Power of Prayer: God Working in Us and Through Us

Series: Gospel Fluency: Church on Mission

Speaker: Jordan Scott

Mark 1: 35-39 // Mark 1:35-39 ties in with a larger recurring theme seen throughout the gospel of Mark: the interplay between Jesus’ primary mission to proclaim the gospel and people’s expectations of the Messiah. And, like any expectations, they can lead to pressure and tension. How do you deal with expectations and pressure that create tension in your life? Regardless of the scenario, God wants us to be dependent on Him, submitting to his will and direction.

One of the key ways we cultivate dependency on God is through prayer; connecting with God in relationship, seeking guidance and direction. Prayer reinforces a posture of submission and obedience to God. We are making ourselves available for his leading and direction. We see Jesus model this for us in our text as he submits and is obedient to the will of the Father, which allows him clarity and focus to navigate forward with his primary mission in mind. May we be spurred on to be people of prayer, allowing God to work in us and through us in our everyday lives as we navigate forward with the mission in mind.