South Delta Baptist Church



Adult Elective Options

Sundays 9:00 AM - Room 104
Teaching: Rick Burdett

The Connections Class is for anyone.Connection We are currently exploring the Book of Acts and looking at the formation of the early church. The class is highly conversational with lots of questions and answers. The weekly goal is taking note of the early church and actually applying the lessons learned to our own church and individual lives. The class functions socially as well. We have times of special presentations, pray for each other, and social times outside the classroom. It begins at 9:00 in room 104, on Sundays, ending at 9:50 in time for the morning worship services. 


Love Languages WorkshopLoveLang
Saturday, Oct 4th 10am - 12pm
Teaching: Rick Burdett
Cost: FREE

As part of our Marriage and God series, running until early November, we are offering a book we are encouraging every person to read. The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman is available for you to pick up and read and keep. Its free, one to a family. On Saturday, October 4th, from 10:00 - 12:00, in the SDBC Chapel, we will be presenting a workshop for anyone interested in exploring the book at a deeper level and then discussing the wisdom offered by Dr. Chapman. The books will be offered at the book table next to the Connect Desk for the next several weeks. Please pick up your copy.

The book can be read in a few hours. There is a profile included in the book to help you discover what your top love language(s) might be. You will gain insights into marriage relationships, parenting relationships and friendship relationships that will help you to learn to love those around you in more significant ways. This is a great tool for your relationship toolbox.

You can also do a similar simple test online:

In essence, the workshop will help us all to see ourselves and others in a clearer and more honest way. You will come away equipped to love others a little more like Christ loves us. It will help you to identify your love language. It will reveal how your love language can at times inhibit you from loving others in ways that actually make them feel loved. It will help answer the question, we may ask, why doesn't my spouse or friend see what I am doing as loving them? It's a study in how we can learn to become selfless; how to meet the critical needs of our spouses, understanding how our children and friends have to be loved. 

This three hour workshop as an investment in your marriage, family and friendships. It will be an open discussion and interaction with the materials and with each other. We will keep it light and fun and interesting. Please pick up a book for your family and read it in preparation for this important workshop.