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Women in the Word

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You may be asking yourself, "What does Women in the Word have to offer me? Why on earth would I add to my already busy schedule to join yet another thing?" The answer is "everything," and because it will be the best thing you will do for you and your family. I know these are bold statements, but there is great truth here. WITW offers you friendship like no other. Getting to know the hearts of other women is just what we, as women, do well and need desperately. WITW will help you to deepen your knowledge of God, strengthen your faith and trust in Him, grow in your relationships with God and other women, apply what you learn, and allow you to minister to those around you.

Back in May, when we generally shut things down for the end of school and summer startup, our group of young moms did not wish to stop meeting. So, we decided to just meet casually each week, at the same time, at different play areas around Tsawwassen and Ladner. It was "come if you can" and bring your kids and coffee. We met every week and not one week passed where there was only me! The connections and support the women have for each other is so sweet and loving. We had the opportunity to meet other women who were alone and in need of friendship, we had one little family start attending church on Sundays, and another showed up at our summer carnival. Very special connections were made and invitations were given to come and join us this fall to study the bible.
Our group of ELL women, whose first language is not English, are also very bonded together. They were excited when our public library started offering free English lessons, but unfortunately, it was at the same time as our WITW bible study. Since the women did not want to have to choose which class they attended, the Fraser Valley Library shifted their already posted class time to accommodate the very large group from our WITW group. This allowed this group of women to stay together and attend both the bible study and the English lessons at the library. Here they were, learning English by reading thebible, learning the stories, and learning how to apply those lessons in their lives. They learned how God would always be there for them in their times of loneliness and separation from their husbands. Some have even taken our group style of bible study back with them to start groups at home.
I could go on, but space is limited. If you want to start your own journey, sign up for our bible studies that will be launching the week of September 10th. Our groups meet at the church September to May on Wednesday mornings at 9:15AM with childcare provided, or Monday evenings. You can visit our web site to see the different options available for the fall, or come and see us at the Spotlight Table on Sunday, where we will be registering women for our bible studies. You can also contact me at  . I am always up for a coffee and a chance to share the exciting things God is doing in our groups. We have a place for you that was specially picked by God!

Posted by Janet Boivin