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Pastoral Search Team Update #11

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After a short break due to last week’s long weekend, the pastoral search team had a great meeting this week. We invited our pastors to join us for dinner and discussion. It was great to spend an hour hearing from them and praying with them. They were then dismissed as we worked our way through several more applications. 

Our team has now worked through 80 applicants, and we have identified seven individuals who we are pursuing further. This means that we are sending them questions to help fill in any gaps in their resume or application. We are also doing some preliminary research on social media and listening to sermons. The next step in our process is to confirm a “short list” of applicants who will be interviewed by conference call. We will then supply the elders with a ranked list of applicants. The search committee will then work with the board to conduct further interviews to identify our pastoral candidate.

Please continue to pray for us:

  • pray that we will know the right questions to ask as we represent the church through the interview process;
  • pray that we will represent the church accurately and attractively;
  • pray for patience as we consider each applicant and provide equal time and attention to each one;
  • and pray for our pastoral team, Rick, Paul, and Jordan, to continue to provide excellent leadership for our church. We are blessed to have them.

If you would like to see our position posting and details about our church, or if you would like to share the link with someone who may be interested in the position, you may see it all at: www.southdelta.org/joinus.

Posted by Craig Kraft