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Kids with a Heart for God

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Our children and family ministries exist to see families in our church become followers of Christ with a strong heart for God. Our children are a gift from the Lord and have been entrusted to us, that we would raise them in the way they should go. Parents are accountable to God for raising, shaping, and preparing their child for a life of serving God's Kingdom.

At SDBC, we value the families who attend each week and we are committed to assisting each family in raising their children to be Christ-followers with a strong heart for God. Seeing children who have a desire to share the gospel with their friends brings so much joy to God's family.

Our Sunday morning program teaches our kids memory verses and bible stories to give them a foundation for their faith journey. Our kids have been inviting their non-church friends almost every week to come to our Sunday morning program. It is so exciting for our leaders to see new faces because it means a heart can be touched or a family can be loved.

Our kids also go beyond our community and bring food for the hungry each week, as well as hard earned money for the kids ministry programs at WINGS. Their hearts were really touched when they learned about the WINGS ministry and that there are kids in their own community who may not have enough food to eat or enough money to purchase food.

None of this can happen without our great volunteers! Thank you to all who serve in SDBC Kids and love our kids. Each week, we need 17 volunteers to run our program. Currently, we are running our program with about 12 on any Sunday. We need more volunteers to be in the kids rooms, as well as at the bus, where you would be the first contact for all the kids and sign them in for our program. 

It is our desire to help families in the most significant area of their lives, training their children in the way they should grow, but we need your help. Please consider serving with us and making a difference in the lives of our families. To find out where you can help, email Sue Gibson, our Director of Family Life.

Posted by Sue Gibson