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I hope this week means something special to you and your family as we remember the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and what He has accomplished through it all. We will celebrate Jesus’ atoning death on the cross and His glorious resurrection this weekend as we gather together for a communion service on Friday and Easter service on Sunday. Of course, we live with the impact of what happened at Calvary circa two thousand years ago on a daily basis, but we set apart this one week each year to commemorate the beautiful work God has done for us in washing away our sins through the sacrifice of His Son. This year, my wife and I—and our family at large—are experiencing the impact of Christ’s resurrection more tangibly. As we said goodbye to Margaret (my mother-in-law) earlier this week, we realize that the hope we have in Jesus’ death and resurrection is so real and immediately relevant to all of us who have this hope of eternal life. Death confronts us with the question of, “What happens next?” and in the resurrection of Jesus, we learn the answer to this question—eternal life in the presence of the almighty Creator; our Lord and King. The sad thing is that many people around us are living in this broken world without much hope. Please come and pray with us for the mission of our church to bring this hope to the nations as we gather for the prayer vigil between Good Friday and Saturday morning. Please also join us this weekend to celebrate this inextinguishable hope we have in Jesus, and to honour the Lord who has given His life to bring us into the fold of God’s grace. May His glory be known and praised this weekend! 

Posted by Paul Park