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Being an Everyday Missionary This Summer Season

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The sun is beginning to shine brighter and the weather is becoming much warmer, signalling the start of summer! That means time to start planning BBQ's, outdoor adventures, and days at the pool. Summer is a great season to take advantage of the weather and spend time with friends and family. As a church family, we have carved out time to gather together and enjoy some fun summer activities. You can take a look at our summer calendar by clicking here. And, since we're gathering together as a church family for some summer activities, it provides a perfect opportunity to be on mission and help connect people to Jesus and a community that is all about Jesus.

If you have adopted one of the suggested "8 Ways to be Missional" into your daily rhythm of life (take a look and try one for the summer if you haven't), is there an opportunity to translate that into inviting someone into deeper relationship with you or to a church event? Here are some ideas:

  • invite someone to our SDBC Carnival taking place on Saturday, June 22nd for carnival themed games, snacks, and fun;
  • invite someone to our Church Wide Picnic taking place on Sunday, July 21st following the morning service;
  • consider hosting a BBQ block party or dinner with neighbours at your home;
  • as a community group, consider a need in your neighbourhood that you could take on, such as helping someone with a project around the house; or
  • hit the pickleball courts and meet new people from the community.

Summer provides all of us with unique opportunities to be on mission in our everyday lives. If you don't know where to start or who to invite deeper into your life or to a church event, start by praying and asking God to highlight at least one person that you could be on mission for this summer. Let's love like Jesus as we strive to be everyday missionaries to help connect people to Jesus.

Posted by Jordan Scott

Being an Everyday Missionary This Christmas Season

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Depending on who you are, you may already be immersed in the Christmas season! I like to consider how many times I've heard "Feliz Navidad" to determine if we are in the Christmas season or not. Either way, Christmas plans are now being set in motion and soon our schedules will be full with family gatherings, church gatherings, school functions, special holiday traditions, winter activities, and Christmas parties.

During this holiday season, we, as a church, have carved out time to gather together to celebrate what Christmas truly means, God sending Jesus Christ. And part of celebrating this life changing truth means being on mission and helping point people to Jesus during this special time of year.

If you have adopted one of the suggested 8 Ways to be Missional into your daily rhythm of life, is there an opportunity to be intentional because it's Christmas? This might look like an invitation to our Christmas concert on December 16th, being hospitable and hosting a Christmas party or dinner at your home, gathering as a community group and considering a need in your neighbourhood that you could take on, introducing someone to church for the first time, or something as simple as wishing someone "Merry Christmas." We all have an opportunity to be on mission during this special time of year. Let's Love Like Jesus as we strive to be everyday missionaries! 

Posted by Jordan Scott

Mother's Day

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Stop, look, and listen. These words will forever be etched into my memory. Every morning, as I would leave to walk to school, my Mom would say those three simple words. As a young child growing up, you don’t really stop to reflect on why your parents keep repeating things to you. Stop, look, and listen. While this might come across as simple, it is actually quite deep and life transforming. Those three simple words reflect a mother who deeply cares for the safety of her child. Who would think every single day about their child walking to school, crossing the road, and going about their daily activities? A mother who knew that by saying those three simple words each and every day, their child would one day recognize just how much they were loved and cared for. As we approach Mother's Day, please pray for your Mom or for someone significant that has had a similar impact on your life. Honour your Mother or that significant person this weekend, and express gratitude for the love and care you received as a child.

Posted by Jordan Scott