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Summer Interns Update

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Kaitlyn and James have been serving on staff at SDBC as our summer interns. They are being developed as leaders and each took on larger roles this summer in their respective ministries. Kaitlyn has been serving in SDBC Kids, working on running our special events such as the church picnic and Hero Training Camp. James has been serving in our Youth and Youth Adult Ministries, helping to organize the Salt Spring Island missions trip and other summer events for our youth and young adults. Here is an update of their summer so far:

Kaitlyn Shipowich:
This summer has been a whirlwind! After almost two months of studying abroad in Japan, I returned on July 2nd and hit the ground running to prepare for our Family Camp. This camp has been my focus for the last month and it all culminated last week when we put on this camp for the families of our church. It was an incredible three days full of worship, games, and time spent learning valuable life lessons as a family. We spent three days teaching the kids how to be Superheroes for God through fun experiments, games, and activities, all geared towards working together as a family. God was clearly at that camp as you could see they joy on the kids' faces as they came in every day excited to worship Him and learn how to become Heroes. On the last day, one of the kids came running up to me before camp, absolutely bursting with excitement, wanting to know what the lesson for the day was going to be. She was so full of excitement and wonder that joy just poured out of her. Seeing this reminded me of why we put on programs like this. All the work that goes into planning, organizing, and executing them are completely worth it to see kids get that excited to learn about God and the things He can do for us in our lives.

Throughout this past month, between teaching the kids in Sunday School, playing games at our church picnic, and interacting with kids at Family Camp, God has been reminding me constantly of Matthew 18:3 where Jesus says, "Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." These kids that are in our church know who Jesus is and what he has done for us and have such an excitement to learn more about who He is and what He has done. They tell their friends, bring them to church, and have such a joy for life, wanting to trust in God and are hungry to learn more. As I'll be entering my final year of university this September, I've been re-learning to put all my trust in God like these children do. I may not know exactly where these next few years will take me, but like these kids, I know that I'm not doing this alone and God is with me every step of the way.

James Cox:
This summer, I have served as the youth and the young adults intern. Through this position, I have been focused mainly on our young adults and our high school students. While God is always at work, I have especially seen His plan at work over the past year. Within the young adults group, we've seen people return who had walked away, and a few of my non-Christian friends have started attending. They have enjoyed the fellowship and have connected with the core group we have built up here. Within our high school group, it is easy to see the way our students have grown in maturity and faith through our Salt Spring Island missions trip and our Sunday night youth program. For me, personally, this summer has been yet another confirmation that working in ministry, specifically youth and young adult ministry, is where I'm meant to be. Getting to work full time, while increasing my responsibilities, is a great chance for me to grow in my role here at SDBC. This summer internship has also given me the recharge I needed before heading back to school at Pacific Life Bible College in September.

Please continue to pray for James and Kaitlyn as they complete the summer and transition into their university schedules in the fall.

Hero Training Family Camp Update

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Last week, our Kids Ministry hosted families from our church and community for our Hero Training Family Camp. Our camp was packed with amazing worship, exciting bible stories from the life of David, memory verses, fun games, and many other super hero exercises. The families learned together how to handle the pressure and be honest under the pressure of our daily walk. They also learned that heroes are strong enough to resist temptation when it is in front of us, and that heroes respond to needs by taking action and often do more than what is expected.

It is our desire to strengthen families and provide opportunities for them to learn to be Christ followers together. Parents are the primary spiritual trainers and it was exciting to provide this opportunity to assist them with this training and to see the kids desire to become a Super Hero for the Lord.

This week, our grade school kids will be joining our church family for our entire service. As a church, we value family and it is our desire to be together for a service a few times per year. We look forward to worshiping with you on Sunday, and please pray with us for our families, as they continue to raise their children to be Super Heroes for the Lord.

Posted by Sue Gibson

Becoming Family

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There is a word called "식구(Shik-gu)" in Korean. It means family, but if you transliterate this word, it means "people who eat together." Family means sharing food together. This concept applies equally to the church. You can join in communion together and those who join and participate in the Lord's Supper together can be called a family.

In Mark 3:31-35, Jesus heard that His family had come and He said, "Who are my mother and my brothers?" and He then said, "Here are my mother and my brothers! For whoever does the will of God, he is my brother and sister and mother." At first glance, it feels like Jesus rejects and denies His family, but Jesus is not a man of such character. Jesus is speaking of the family of the kingdom of God, not the fleshly family. Jesus has come to make a family of God who lives according to God's will.

Our Korean community group members have left their family in Korea. Some have left their parents to immigrate and some have left their beloved husbands to give their children a chance to study in a different environment. Whether it is long-term, or short-term, it is people who have come far away from their family. They come from different cities and different occupations, but all of them came to South Delta and joined our community group.

The SDBC Korean community wants to become a family to people who come here from Korea. We are sharing God's love with them because a family shares good things. Last May, we went on a retreat to Victoria. It was a meaningful time. We laughed a lot, talked a lot, and comforted and encouraged one another. I felt we had such a wonderful family time away from our busy life. After the retreat, someone told me that she could not stop thinking about the time we all had together during the retreat, and it always made her smile. She didn't expect that she could meet new people and feel as if she was part of a family, while being away from home. This helps us realize that whenever new comers come to the church, we should view them as a new family member, rather than just a new person coming to church.

The churches that Paul mentioned in the New Testament were all house churches. In Romans 16, we see that the churches were gathered in the homes of Prisca and Aquila, several Christians, including Asyncritus, gathered elsewhere in the house churches, and several others, including Phiologus, also gathered in the house churches. The most basic aspect of the church was the home, like our community groups. We will be able to understand and be more mindful in our missional life when we are together and love as a family.

At the end of the school year, many people go back to their families in Korea. It's always hard to see people leave when we started to form a strong bond together. However, I pray that they will find good churches and become family members of God in Korea and I look forward to welcoming more new family members here in South Delta.

Posted by Ryan Choi

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