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My First Steps into SDBC

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I am from South Korea and I came to Tsawwassen in August 2016 with my children for them to have meaningful life experiences in another culture. My son is an international student at South Delta Secondary (grade 8) but my daughter, who had stayed here just one year as a secondary student, went back to Korea.

I struggled to settle in a new home from the very first month until six months after arriving. There were a lot of barriers at the time. It was not easy to accept a different culture such as making eye contact, smiling to unfamiliar people, or saying hello to somebody. Most of all, English was the most significant barrier to me, and it felt like an enemy. I started learning English here as a survival measure.

While I was learning English, I received a recommendation to the ELL class and the bible study at SDBC, which was run by Cathy Horvath and Karen Corbett. It was my first steps into a church community. I was so glad when I got a chance to participate in the bible study here because I've always been interested in history and education pertaining to my studies. I was able to complete one of my life's goals on my list, which was to read the bible. Through the Sunday morning sermons and the Wednesday bible studies, I've been getting bible-based knowledge and I've begun to understand the church culture and words. Some people believe that there is a God but others believe that there is not. Much to my regret, there is still no God for me personally, but I do not deny the existence of God. According to Pastor Paul's words, I just have not reached that place of belief yet.

I sincerely appreciate the ELL bible study teachers and all the groups of bible study ladies. They've treated me very nicely and given me a big hug of welcome. Particularly, Cathy and Karen, two wonderful ladies, have been teachers and also friends to me. In addition, when I was hesitating whether I should or can serve the church in any way, Karen encouraged me and introduced me to the director of the nursery, to be a volunteer in that room. Also, when I wanted to volunteer at First Steps Preschool, Karen wrote a reference letter for me. As a result, I've been volunteering at First Steps Preschool for two years and I've volunteered in the Sunday nursery for several months. All the teachers in the preschool and the nursery have treated me as one of the staff. I've gotten special experiences from the church community and I know I've grown. It's been glorious to get volunteer jobs related to my previous career and education background, which was in Early Childhood Education.

I am leaving Tsawwassen to go back to my husband and my daughter, but my son will stay here with his homestay parents. Please continue to welcome new people without any prejudice and pray for them. It will be the start of another person's new first steps, as it was for me.

Posted by Lauren Moon

Starfish Pack Needs Your Help!

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As it says on our website, "hundreds of children in B.C. go to school on Monday morning having had no food over the weekend. Starfish Pack was created in response to this need. We will be partnering with the Delta School District to bring meals to two elementary schools in Tsawwassen....It will cost $525 to sponsor a child for one year of this program, which will provide a backpack each Friday throughout the school year filled with 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, and some healthy snacks."

This is an amazing initiative and a chance to not only feed hungry kids, but to also shine the light of Christ in our community in a new way. As awesome as this opportunity is, it will take volunteers to make it happen. Starting in September, Thrifty Foods, our partner grocery store, will deliver the food to our church each week. We will need teams of willing volunteers to come to church, pack the backpacks full of the food, and deliver them to the schools (Cliff Drive Elementary and South Park Elementary). Volunteers will then pick up the empty backpacks the following week and return them to the church. Packing will take place every week throughout the school year.

If you are interested in serving on this project, visit the Spotlight table this Sunday to sign up! Also, feel free to email me any questions you may have about this project.

Posted by Mary Grierson

Community Dinner: Join the Team

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For over ten years, a group of volunteers at SDBC, which started with a handful of young adults, plan, prepare, and share a meal on the first Tuesday of the month with those in the community. We have regulars who come from our local senior's homes and local neighbourhoods, some who come faithfully by transit from neighbouring communities, as well as some who are homeless. We warmly welcome them each month with genuine love, concern, and conversation.

We share a restaurant quality meal, cooked by our faithful kitchen team, which is truly appreciated by all who attend. After dinner, we share a personal story or testimony which points them towards the love of Christ in a loving, non-judgemental manner, and end it with more fellowship and a tasty dessert. There is an opportunity to write personal prayer requests and our table hosts are always open and willing to listen and pray with anyone who is open to going deeper.

Why do we do this? Studies suggest that living in isolation from other individuals and/or activity plays a significant role in addiction and subsequent mental health issues. It is becoming more widely understood that the opposite of addiction is connection. While we only meet once a month, SDBC's Community Dinner provides a consistent and meaningful way for people who otherwise lead a solitary, unpredictable, and often negative life, to not only connect but to feel what it is like to be accepted and loved by God.

How can you help? We can always use extra hands in the kitchen, hosts to sit and chat at each table, extra hands to help serve and clean up after the meals, and people to pray for requests and our evening. Time commitment for this ministry is minimal, but truly rewarding, and fulfills our church mission to love like Jesus. If you are interested in serving in one of these areas or would like to talk to one of the team members about serving, please phone the church office at 604-943-8244. You can also email our Community Dinner team.

Community Dinner will be kicking off on Tuesday, September 3rd at 6:30PM. Doors open at 6PM.

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