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Spring Pickleball Tournament Update

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For all you basketball fans out there, March Madness means only one thing: college basketball at its best. At SDBC, March Madness means something else: the spring pickleball tournament, which was held last Saturday, in the gym. Twenty-eight competitors competed in three categories to pit their skills against one another. Some intense competition and incredible shots took place. Spectators cheered on all the players during some good, wholesome competition.

After the finals, our Skills Challenge had both players and spectators vying for chocolate treats. It was fun to see so many people trying to put the ball in the garbage can in the Spring Clean-up Challenge, sinking a 3-pointer in the 3-Point Challenge, and bouncing the ball in the Pickleball on the Edge Challenge.

We then moved into the Chapel and had a wonderful lunch organized by Brenda, Mario, and their kitchen team. Players and spectators got a chance to chat over hamburgers and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

After lunch, Landon Kitagawa, our guest speaker and a runner-up in the tournament, shared his thoughts on pickleball at the church. He noted how players chat while sitting on the sidelines, help each other out with their games, and just get to know each other. He then went on to share his thoughts about the church community at South Delta Baptist, talking about how we, as a church, are called to love, care for, and support each other throughout our lives.

God has blessed us with this wonderful facility and we are on mission to reach out to people in our South Delta community. For more information, please visit our pickleball ministry page.


Posted by Dave Sowerby

Introducing Preteens to Jesus

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"How can we trust the bible? It was written so long ago."
"If God is so powerful, why doesn't He just destroy Satan?"
"How can Jesus be God and God's son?"

This is just a sample of the questions I have heard from students in our preteen program over the past year. We usually expect questions like these from adults who are exploring Christianity. There are entire books and seminary level classes that aim to answer just one of these questions. People spend their lives defending the reliability of the bible or engaging in debates on these topics. They are tough questions and they are coming from students as young as 11 years old.

Over the past few months, we've been talking a lot about the post-Christian context we live in today, in Canada. Kids are growing up without a common knowledge of the bible stories we grew up learning about. Most kids don't grow up with a parent that teaches them a Christian worldview. Since this is our reality, students need a place to be introduced to God. They need Christians to take an interest in their lives, to teach them the incredible truth of the bible. And they need these informed Christians to be able to answer any questions that are preventing these students from giving their lives to Christ.

Gap Jr is our preteen program that aims to do this exact thing. It is a program on Thursday nights for students in Grades 5-7. We aim to give students a place where they can be introduced to God, and where they feel comfortable to ask the questions they are wrestling with. We have formatted our nights to accomplish these things.

Every night, students rush in the doors, they are greeted by leaders, and head off all throughout the church to play basketball, make paper airplanes, or just hang out in our youth centre. We play a big game with everyone so students can get to know each other, get to know their leaders, and have a lot of fun. Then, at the end of the night, we open up the bible with them, either through a group message or a small group time led by leaders. All of these activities, games, and lesson times are intentionally in place so that students can be introduced to Jesus Christ. We want to give this next generation a place where they feel loved. We want to see their biggest questions answered. We want them to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

God is using this program and volunteer leaders to draw preteens in South Delta to Himself. We are always looking for more people to get involved in this exciting program and would love to have you out for our Thursday night or Sunday morning program to see this ministry first hand. If you are interested in supporting this ministry in any way, email our Youth and Young Adult Director, Kyle McDonald, or call the church office at 604-943-8244.

Posted by Kyle McDonald

Missional Opportunity

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SDBC's Pickleball Ministry continues to develop and grow as we press on with reaching out to our community and inviting them to our church to take part in this popular, and fast-growing, sport. Many people in our community participate in and enjoy playing pickleball. There are approximately 120 people who attend on a regular basis at SDBC, and we are now hosting nine sessions per week, mostly comprised of people who do not attend church.

Through our recent sermon series, Changing Landscape and Church on Mission, we have all been encouraged and challenged to connect and interact with non-Christians in our community. Our pickleball ministry has provided an opportunity for those in our church to engage with those who have been regularly attending the various sessions each week. Many new friendships have been established and we continue to build relationships with the people coming out each week.

We believe that God uses recreation, sports, and games to allow us to connect with others by sharing our lives, establishing relationships, and, ultimately, spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. Many people attending our sessions have said how they feel included and notice a more positive environment when playing at our church. We believe God is blessing us through creating this "missional" opportunity where we are reaching and impacting those in our community.

We have an opportunity to engage with our community through their passion for pickleball and we are excited to reach them for Christ in this way. By inviting them into our church, we are able to highlight other ministries that are offered at SDBC, while building relationships. We ask you to continue to pray for this ministry, and especially for those from our community who attend our weekly pickleball sessions. Additionally, please join us by coming out to our "missional" opportunity! You can learn more about our pickleball ministry by clicking the button below.

Posted by Sandy Strukoff

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