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Family Summer Fun

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Our SDBC Kids Team has the privilege of serving families who are raising their children to be Christ followers. It is a joy to hear the children tell us who God is and seeing their trust in Him. We only have a tiny bit of time on Sunday morning to teach the children, so assisting families in the spiritual training of the children needs to be very intentional. We are working hard at creating events to build relationships with families, as well as teaching spiritual life skills. These events also give our families an opportunity to be missional by inviting the neighborhood children and families to take part.

Summer will be here before we know it, so get out your calendars and mark down the following dates. You won’t want to miss these fun events!

June 22nd // 11AM - 2PM
Our Carnival is back, and it's bigger than last year! We will have a huge blow up slide, pitch and put, bouncy castle, and so much more. This year, we have the Taste of Heaven food truck coming to serve up tasty gourmet sausages in a bun for lunch. All proceeds from the Taste of Heaven food truck will go to support NightShift Ministries in Surrey. Taste of Heaven feeds more than hungry stomachs. If also feeds hungry hearts, because when you buy food from this truck, you become part of a community-based solution for people who are stuck in poverty, addiction, mental illness, homelessness, or loneliness. Let's be missional with our neighborhood friends and invite them to this event.

July 21st // Directly after the service
We will trust in good weather this year for our church Picnic and Softball Game on July 21st, right after the service. Bring your own picnic lunch, beach toys, lawn chairs, softball gloves, and energy for fun picnic games, a scavenger hunt, and a softball game. We will have an area reserved right by the baseball diamond at Centennial Beach in Tsawwassen.

July 24th to 26th // 6-8PM
We will also be venturing into new territory this year with our Hero Training Camp for the whole family, on July 24th to 26th. As families arrive for this event, they will be grouped together with other families to embark on their Hero Training. Whether you are a grandparent with grandchildren, a single parent, blended family, or a family with many kids, there is a place for everyone.

Have you noticed how many children rely on external prompts such as bribes, threats, or parental nagging to get things done? Well, that is all about to change. In Hero Training Camp, children will learn to do what's right, deal with wrongs, be honest, and care about others. Family groups allow families to partner together, demonstrating the unity of our church family. During our Hero Training Camp, parents will work directly with their children to introduce the lesson for the day, prepare children for the things they'll learn, lead family activities, and then have the opportunity to reinforce the lessons at home. Don't worry parents, everything will be provided for you, even the answers!

We will gather together as family from 6-8PM each evening, for worship, games, crafts, and to learn about King David. Children will learn from all of these activities that they can be heroes now, in everyday life.

The Hero Training Camp is part of our ministry for families and is targeted for children ages 3 to 11 (Grade 5). We will have complimentary childcare for the younger children in your family. Registration for this camp will open Sunday, May 26th.

All these events, and our Sunday morning program, can't happen without your support of prayer and serving, so please don't hesitate to join our team, to help us train up a child in the way they should go. Contact Sue Gibson for more information. 

Posted by Sue Gibson

Easter 2019

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This week, we remember and celebrate what God has done on the cross and the empty grave. Circa two thousand years ago, Jesus showed us that He defeated death and that He reigns as Lord of all for all eternity. We have the special privilege of worshiping this powerful God, and it is our delight to come together and sing His praises. I am especially looking forward to David Kitz' dramatic presentation of the Passion narrative. I pray that many who do not have a life giving relationship with Jesus Christ will come to know the beloved Son who gave His life for our salvation.

I also look forward to being together as church family this weekend as we contemplate on the death of Jesus who took our shame on Good Friday, and to celebrate Jesus our risen King on Easter Sunday. We invite you to also join us for prayer during our prayer vigil hours at the church.

Posted by Paul Park

AGM 2019 Update

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Thank you for joining us for the AGM Tuesday night! We felt encouraged, supported, and unified for the mission as we engaged in the meeting. We recognize that time is valuable for all of us, so we appreciate your willingness to invest your time with us for this important meeting.

As a part of our meeting on Tuesday, we elected five elders to our board of elders; three of which are serving their second consecutive term (Rob Bogress, David Dobson, and Gerard van Dop), and two of which are newly elected (Trevor Bakken and David van Til). Now that these individuals are elected to serve as elders, please commit them to the Lord via prayer. Our governance model places significant responsibility upon these elders, so it's very important that they are equipped with wisdom and discernment to serve the church by leading it faithfully in obedience to God's direction.

We also announced the new position that Pastor Jordan Scott has assumed recently. The official title is "Executive Pastor."  Pastor Jordan will be overseeing much of the day-to-day operations of the church activities, and will be given significant authority within staff to use his giftings for God's work at SDBC.

Our direction as a church was also discussed. In the past six months, we have really focused in on being a church on mission by creating a community that loves like Jesus. With God's help and by His direction, we plan to continue this movement to be a missional church that honours Christ. Some of you have requested for me to share the questions that I mentioned in last Sunday's sermon about holding one another accountable to the mission. Here they are:

1. With whom did you share the gospel this month?
2. How did you intentionally pursue relationship with people who are far from God? What stories did you hear?
3. What made you not pursue a relationship with those who are far from God this month? What made you not share the gospel this month? What prevented you?
4. How can we remove those obstacles next month?

As mentioned in the sermon, this is what our staff is committing to--to hold one another accountable to the gospel mandate. Please join us in this missional movement for God's glory!

Posted by Paul Park

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