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Why Should Our Children Listen to Their Father?

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We're getting close to celebrating Father's Day at SDBC. On Father's Day Sunday, we're going to have a special car show in our courtyard with some specialty coffee and other elements for fathers to enjoy after the service. This is a great missional opportunity for us to invite fathers and families out to our service.

Father's Day also provides an opportunity to contemplate on fatherhood. In Proverbs 23:22, it says, "Listen to your father who gave you life." This is a bold statement especially for today's culture in which the authority of the father in a household has been seriously challenged. In a world that seems to have a million voices all vying for your child's attention, it's a lot to ask your child to pay close attention to what you have to say. Why should your child have to listen to you rather than what s/he hears from twitter, instastories, reddit, or snapchat? What benefit is there in paying attention to your words? If we fill our mouths with folly and our tongue only learns to speak junk, there's no benefit for our children to listen to us. That's why the bible teaches fathers to talk about the word of God in their homes (Deut. 6:7). Make this a regular and normal thing in your homes, and your child is bound to benefit from your words because you're speaking life-giving truth. You don't always have to open the bible and have a formal bible study session to talk about the word of God (although we should be doing this as well). In everything that we talk about—whether it's money, relationships, education, sports, hobbies, etc.—we can centre our conversations on the truths of God. It may feel awkward for you to do this at first, but once you do this on a regular basis, it will become normal for your family to bring God into your everyday conversations.

In Joshua 24:15, Joshua boldly claims that his family will serve the LORD. He's making a spiritual decision on behalf of his family. In today's culture, he may be criticized for not asking his children for their opinions first and letting them do whatever they want because it's their lives. We value individuality so much that we criticize communal cultures that value unity of direction more than individualistic preferences. I'm not suggesting that collectivist cultures are superior to individualistic cultures; I recognize that there are strengths and weaknesses to each. However, the bible instructs fathers to lead families in the way of the Lord, and to speak biblical truth to children consistently. We cannot shy away from talking about the word of God with our children.

As we celebrate Father's Day, let us not forget our responsibility as fathers to serve our primary mission field—our home. We are missionaries sent by God into our homes. Our children are entrusted to us so that we may raise them up in the ways of the Lord. Let's engage in this greatest privilege with great joy this week. Happy Father's Day!

Posted by Paul Park

SDBC's 60th Anniversary Plans Unveiled

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At the beginning of the year, we announced our plans to celebrate our 60th anniversary this year. South Delta Baptist Church was planted by Ladner Baptist Church sixty years ago, and the first service was held on October 25th, 1959. God has blessed us tremendously since then and we were able to enjoy His abounding grace and love. In order to share this love of Christ with our community, we made plans to bless the community as the Lord has blessed us.

This past Sunday, Pastors Paul and Jordan presented the plans for our 60th Anniversary Project. Watch the video below to hear all the details.

Posted by Paul Park

Being an Everyday Missionary This Summer Season

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The sun is beginning to shine brighter and the weather is becoming much warmer, signalling the start of summer! That means time to start planning BBQ's, outdoor adventures, and days at the pool. Summer is a great season to take advantage of the weather and spend time with friends and family. As a church family, we have carved out time to gather together and enjoy some fun summer activities. You can take a look at our summer calendar by clicking here. And, since we're gathering together as a church family for some summer activities, it provides a perfect opportunity to be on mission and help connect people to Jesus and a community that is all about Jesus.

If you have adopted one of the suggested "8 Ways to be Missional" into your daily rhythm of life (take a look and try one for the summer if you haven't), is there an opportunity to translate that into inviting someone into deeper relationship with you or to a church event? Here are some ideas:

  • invite someone to our SDBC Carnival taking place on Saturday, June 22nd for carnival themed games, snacks, and fun;
  • invite someone to our Church Wide Picnic taking place on Sunday, July 21st following the morning service;
  • consider hosting a BBQ block party or dinner with neighbours at your home;
  • as a community group, consider a need in your neighbourhood that you could take on, such as helping someone with a project around the house; or
  • hit the pickleball courts and meet new people from the community.

Summer provides all of us with unique opportunities to be on mission in our everyday lives. If you don't know where to start or who to invite deeper into your life or to a church event, start by praying and asking God to highlight at least one person that you could be on mission for this summer. Let's love like Jesus as we strive to be everyday missionaries to help connect people to Jesus.

Posted by Jordan Scott

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