SDBC Classes

We value applying biblical teachings to every area of our lives. In order to equip you to live a Christ centred life, we offer classes reflecting God's will for different aspects of life. 

Current Available Classes:

Revelation - The Seen and Unseen
Sunday mornings @ 9AM
Starting January 8th
Room 104
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We will be studying the letter John wrote to the seven churches over the next three months or so. This letter contains seven major visions of the person and work of Jesus Christ. In these visions, God reveals to John what He has done, what He is doing and what He will be doing for His Church, in His Church and with His Church. The purpose of this letter is, and was, to assure the Church – from the time of John until today – of two major truths: His ultimate and complete conquest and judgement over the sinful world and Satan, and the full protection, vindication, and salvation of His people. By this assurance, He calls us to look only to Him for our confident hope and assurance in this troubled world. 

As such, we will not be trying to determine how the visions relate to current worldly events. All of Scripture, both old and new, is about Jesus. And this is especially true of the revelation given to John which is Christ’s revelation of Himself to His people. As such, it does not contain many different revelations, but one revelation revealed in many ways. It does this in a wonderful way: by helping us to understand what is “seen” on earth and by giving us insight into what is “unseen” in heaven.

Come join us on an exciting, relevant, and worshipful journey into the “seen” and the “unseen.”

ELL Classes - September to June
Fridays @ 12:30-2:30PM
Room 201
Our team of dedicated ELL (English Language Learners) teachers run a class for adults who wish to learn English, while learning about Jesus. All levels of English are welcome. Classes will resume in the fall.